About Us


School Profile

Imperial International School is located at Al Rawdah District, one of the up-scale neighborhoods of Jeddah.The school is an international, non-discriminative, selective, English-medium day school serving both the local and expatriate communities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Imperial International School is co-educational from nursery till G3 and segregated from G4 till graduation year.  It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and is accredited by both NWAC and WASC.

Students, teachers and all other staff members are committed to promoting an environment of diversity and acceptance.

We believe that school should be a place where children are excited to go. We are working to build a world where they jump out of bed on weekdays, a world where they look forward to Saturday mornings.

School Purpose & Learning Outcome

Our aspiration for all of our students is to achieve their highest potential within our rigorous and challenging curriculum. We promote successful integration into an increasingly technological, complex, and diverse world.

We have identified the key competences to be acquired by the students.  The competencies are; excellent communication, creative thinking, proactive collaboration, self-directed life-long learning, community contribution and capable citizenship.

Imperial International School is a community whose members inspire one another to learn, work and play in an atmosphere of collaboration and respect while ethically preparing for a global society.

All students will learn when their needs are the primary focus of all the decisions impacting the work of the school. • Our curriculum offers these students a myriad of approaches from which to learn. Teachers provide a variety of learning activities that accommodate differences in learning needs. •A safe and physically comfortable learning atmosphere promotes student learning. •The integration of technology into the curriculum is essential for providing students with skills to become global citizens. •A student’s self-esteem is enhanced by the mutual trust and positive relationships developed within the school community. •Students will become confident, self-directed, independent learners when they are actively engaged in the learning process. •Students need to apply their learning in meaningful contexts and be able to demonstrate their understanding of essential knowledge and skills using a variety of assessment tools.

School Philosophy
Imperial International School dedicates its efforts to the intellectual, cultural, and social growth of each student. The School strives to create a flexible environment that encourages creativity, self-discipline, and motivation to learn. The curriculum aims at developing strong academic skills in critical thinking, reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Academic studies also include Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Arabic, French, Computer Skills, Business, Art and Physical Education.